Welcome to Dream Machine.

What we do

We match businesses with world-class developers.
Whether you’re looking for a CTO or a junior level developer, we’ve got you covered.
From talent sourcing to technical interviews, we'll handle every step.

Why us

Dream Machine is led by Ishmael Philip, serial entrepreneur and engineer with over 12 years experience programming.

Having worked as an engineer, hired and fired countless developers and designers, conducted hundreds of interviews, and run multiple software businesses, he’s built an extensive network of businesses and developers, developed an eye for talent, and created a process for finding the right culture fit between employers and engineers.

Unlike typical agencies that just send you a firehose of engineers without understanding the job description, we’ll meet your team, understand the problems you’re trying to solve, source the talent, conduct technical interviews, and only send you what you’re looking for.

Are you ready to build your team? Are you looking for a job? Are you looking to partner? Drop us a line.

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